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It can be really daunting to receive your new brand and website from your designer, and then have to maintain it all yourself. Following your brand guidelines, watching all your website trainings, and sourcing all of your assets can be time consuming! Especially while you're bombarded with client work and revenue generating projects in your business.

Hand off your creative decisions and creations to an expert who knows strategy, tech, and design. Not only will you have a creative partner in your corner, but you'll have someone to bounce business ideas and plans off of to get feedback and take action.

Because you want a creative partner to help you strategize and uphold the look of your brand

collaborate with a creative consultant

Work with me in a consulting capacity, where I am able to help you strategize, plan, and create new opportunities in your business with the digital assets to go along with them.

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How it works:

01 - Discovery call

You schedule a free, zero obligation consultation with me. I’ll ask you questions about your business and goals, share more about my process and packages and answer all your questions. Basically we’ll get to know each other and make sure we’re a good fit.

02 - proposal

I'll send you over a proposal outlining your creative consulting package and you can select any additional add-ons that you would like. You'll then sign the contract and pay for your first month!

03 - monthly tasks

I'll begin working on your set monthly tasks, as well as any additional requests that you may have for me to complete within your allotted hours.

04 - 3 month commitment

For a 3 month commitment, you get same day to 2 business day turnaround times for all of your requests. After your 3 month commitment, you are able to move to a month-to-month commitment.

what's included in creative consulting:

Emily Crymes, graphic and web designer, talking into a podcast mic at a desk covered in creative tools.

01. 15 Hours per month

I can accomplish all of your website + graphic design needs or updates within this timeframe so that you can focus on your core priorities.

02. unlimited calls

You are able to schedule as many 1:1 calls with me as you need so that you can feel empowered and confident in making creative decisions in your business, or outsourcing the decision making to me.

03. guaranteed tasks each month

Including plugin updates, theme updates, security checks and updates, monthly blog post search engine optimization and publishing.

04. monthly seo strategy

Including a one-time set up of Google Analytics and Google Search console, monthly data gathering with suggested strategy, keyword suggestions, and content ideas so that you can market your business and create content with confidence.

Emily Crymes, graphic and web designer, talking on the phone outside.
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Emily Crymes, graphic and web designer, sitting on a floor in a purple sweater looking at a laptop with paper on the floor around her.

Ready to outsource creative decisions?

Book a free consultation today to chat about your business and creative needs.

Finally hand off your creative decisions and tasks to an expert who knows your brand inside and out.

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collaborate with a creative partner for $3,600 per month

Frequently asked questions

What if I don't need 15 hours a month?

You'll likely need more hours than you expect, as designing and creating elements for your business take time! I will also be helping you strategize each month to determine priorities and projects to complete within this time cap to move the needle forward in your business.

Do unused hours roll over?

No, unused hours do not roll over into the next month's allotment.

Do I need to have a brand and website before hiring you for this?

You will find greater success in our time together if you already have an established brand in place and a website. Without this, it will be really challenging to help you determine goals, strategies, and creative effective assets that work towards standing out in your market. If you are interested in Creative Consulting but don't have a brand or website, we can work on that project first before starting our creative collaboration.

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