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My Philosophy

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01. Originality

No two businesses or entrepreneurs are alike. You have your own unique perspective, experience, and skill set that differs from your competitors. Your logo, color palette, and website should all reflect that you are not made to blend in with the crowd.

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02. Simplicity

Your website needs to inform people about your services and showcase your skill set. That’s it. Let’s not overcomplicate things with challenging site builders, templates that don’t really work for your specific brand, or crazy features that take away from your overall message.

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03. Stay Open-Minded

Be willing to think about things differently and see things from another perspective. Brand Strategy and Discovery are such a fun and exciting way to explore different areas of your brand and business that you maybe hadn’t thought of or didn’t think was possible.

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04. Collaboration

I am the designer, working to bring your ideas and vision to life. I'm willing to learn just about everything, and you have good ideas and visions for your business! It’s important that we collaborate to find the best possible solution for your business. 

I'm emily crymes

web designer + developer, graphic designer, and solution architect

I'm obsessed with creative brands + websites that empower my clients to step into a CEO role in their business and stop the side hustle, once and for all.

I specialize in strategically crafting beautiful brands + websites

Using my ability to translate your ideas into tangible realities, we'll be literally unstoppable when it comes to reaching your goals and making powerful moves.

I'm all about being organized, discovering solutions, and trusting my intuition, which I believe heightens my ability to transform visionary ideas.

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